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How the Best Buy Guy Suckered Us

September 26, 2009

We were very excited that our new house has a dishwasher.

We were NOT excited when it stopped working a week and a half after we moved in.

After getting a clog fixed in our kitchen sink fixed, we hoped the dishwasher problem would clear up, too. No such luck. Basically, after a cycle was complete, we’d open the door to see that the soap had just ran out of the dispenser and made a mess on the dishes. We tried both liquid and powder detergent, and also tried using different cycle choices. We even paid an appliance guy $45 to NOT fix it. URGGHGHGH. Apparently it had timer issues, and it was not cost-efficient to have that repaired.

So, one afternoon, when we were both off work, we went to Best Buy, to just look at dishwashers. We had one in mind (thanks Consumer Reports!), but weren’t necessarily wanting to purchase right away.

They had the one we wanted, and after noting the price (on sale, but not by a ton), I stupidly suggested we look at TVs before leaving.

Normally, it’s Mr D2S who wants to browse, and I think I was just trying to be nice. Also, I’ve been wanting a TV in the bedroom for awhile. Since I often go to bed before Mr D2S even gets home from work, it’d be nice to be able to watch a DVD or something.

Anyways, after they see us looking at appliances and electronics, boy, did they sweep in. And one guy won.

And so did we?

In the end, we got our broken dishwasher hauled away for free (normally $20), an extra $16.75 off the dishwasher that was already marked down, an extra $33.99 off the 42″ plasma television that was also already on sale, and free delivery (would’ve  been $70). Not too bad, right?

We walked away wondering if we were crazy, but then we decided that we would’ve bought a TV sometime before Christmas, and might as well group it with our dishwasher that would be nice to have sooner than later.

Also, now that they’re both at our house, I am definitely okay with our decision. I never want to be without a dishwasher again, and I love our new TV situation!


Double Incomes, One Car

August 30, 2009

Both Mr D2S and I are the youngest in our families, and somehow were blessed with such wonderful parents, that after we graduated college, found jobs, and got married, they let us keep driving the cars they had purchased long ago.

My in-laws decided that they had helped their other kids purchase cars and didn’t want anything in return.

My family was very diplomatic and thought maybe I should pay each of  my siblings an equal share of what my car is worth. (Really, a very low estimate of what it is worth.) Instead, my husband and I decided that we didn’t really want to invest anything into the car (selfish, I know) and opted to give it to one of my sisters’ families. They have kids old enough to drive and could use the extra vehicle. Since that sister never got a nice car to drive while in college, she gets this one free and clear. And that makes me happy.

Sharing a car with my husband shouldn’t be too difficult. He has a car from the city that he drives to and from his job. Soon, our schedules will be that we’ll work all the same days, except I’ll work one that he’s off. So if he wants the car, he can just take me to work.

I’m very happy that we’ll save money with less car maintenance, fewer gas purchases (his gets better mileage), and only one car to insure.

Frugal Dinner Out

August 10, 2009

Tonight, Mr D2S and I had plans with two friends to eat dinner and see a show. This was courtesy of a gift certificate my mother gave me as a graduation present. However, the event was outdoors and terrible thunderstorms ruined our plans.

Since the friends had already arrived, and we’d offered them free fun, we decided to go out to eat and pick up the tab.

We went to TGIFriday’s. I think this place is yummy, yet a little bit more pricey than, say, Applebees or Chili’s. However, I am on their email list and have a coupon (good for all of August) that gets $5 off each of your friends’ entrees. Also, we had a gift card from redeeming credit card points last month.

Here’s what our bill looked like:

2 waters — 0.00
2 sodas — 4.78
appetizer  — 6.19
entree  –10.28
entree  –9.48
entree  –11.49
entree   –8.59

total: 50.81

minus $15 for the coupon…

plus $3.05 for tax….

paid $25 with our giftcard….

and we owed $13.86 plus the tip, which one friend helped cover.

Not too shabby for stuffing four people to the brim.

The deal would’ve been stretched even further, of course, if two people hadn’t gotten sodas ($4.78), if we’d skipped the appetizer ($6.19), and if no one had upgraded their sides ($0.99 times two). But, still…not too shabby!

I also have a Get More Stripes card with TGIFridays. They keep track of what you spend and after 100 stripes (aka 100 dollars), you get an $8 giftcard. This month is double points, so we got 72 points for tonight and are just a three away from our next reward!

Tax-Free Weekend

August 8, 2009

After work today, I decided to do a little clothes-browsin’. It turned into clothes-buyin’.

It’s tax-free weekend in my state (which is basically limited to clothes and shoes).

I used my regular 10% discount.

I have another 10% off that’s good for all of August (on products owned by my company).

So for what would’ve been $105.93 +  8.517% for sales tax…

I paid $85.79.

And, I’ll probably end up returning a dress priced at $36.99. The idea of it was cute, the execution…notsomuch.

Free Fun

July 11, 2009

It’s been a busy week at work, so I’m quite glad it’s Saturday and that I’m off! Mr D2S used a comp day for today, so we have loads of time together. We just enjoyed a delicious (and cheap) lunch at home of taco salad.

In about an hour we’re headed to a museum with a friend. We’ve been wanting to go to this art museum for over a year, and now we don’t have to pay to get in! When I bought the Entertainment Book, it had coupons for “buy one get one” admission, and I thought that was pretty good. Then Mr D2S bought a coupon book from a kid selling them door to door, and it has several free admissions with no other purchase necessary! The book cost $20, but we’ll recoup that with our three free tickets today. Not too shabby..

And tonight we’re meeting a bunch of my college friends for dinner. We didn’t choose the restaurant, but it’s cool, because the one that was picked is one that we have $35 worth of giftcards to!

Yay for not spending. 🙂

UPDATE: Turns out the 2nd Saturday of the month is free admission for everyone at the art museum!

Fourth No Spend for the Month!

June 25, 2009

I just realized today was a no spend day!

How did we NOT spend today?

I took my lunch to work: a peanut butter sandwich and a string cheese.

And it’s Mr D2S’s birthday, so his coworkers treated him. Sweeeeet! 🙂

I was very very tempted to stop on my way home and grab a bite. Instead I came home, ate a piece of cake, then scrounged in the cupboards. I ended up making a box of Tuna Helper and it was all mixed up, minus the tuna, when I realized….we don’t have any tuna! I threw in some browned ground beef that was in the fridge. It tasted fine. I also made up some pasta salad to take to work tomorrow for lunch.

June 2009 Midpoint

June 15, 2009

The month is half over. How are we doing?june2009midpoint

“Household” has already busted, thanks to the need of a new printer cartridge. We’ve been printing quite a bit, getting papers ready for the closing of our house.

“Unplanned” just consists of the cost of a belated Mother’s Day gift for my grandma. We knew what we wanted to buy, but life got too busy last month, and I honestly forgot about it until I ran across the gift in a store the other day.

Our budget is so tight, but I’d be so proud if we had a little left when the month is over.

We’ll see!

PB, hold the J

June 11, 2009

I am a hardcore brown-bagger. Minus the brown bag. I use a very cute oilcloth lunchbag to carry my food to work.

Some days I bring leftovers. (Yummmmy!)

Occasionally I’ll bring a sandwich with deli meat.

At least 50% of the time, good ol’ peanut butter suffices.

Yesterday, I took a PB sandwich, but didn’t have the time to eat it, so I took it again today. Two bites into it and I just couldn’t do eat any more. The bread was from the end of the loaf and the peanut butter wasn’t quite the right consistency.

I could’ve bought something to replace it, but a few chips and some pudding (which I made from a box last night) tided me over. Not only did I not want to spend the money (especially now, as we’re closing on our house soon), but I didn’t want to spend the few minutes of my half-hour lunch break to buy food.

June 2009 Budget

May 31, 2009


I tried to make everything as low as possible. The less we spend, the more we’ll have when it’s time to close on our house.

The one category that is definitely higher than I’d like is “car”. While we shouldn’t drive as much as May, and while hopefully gas prices will go down, Mr. D2S has to renew the registration on his car (something like $80).

Our food (groceries & eating out) budget is really low, especially compared to how much we just spent. We have a decent amount of food currently in the house, and I’m more than willing to eat beans & rice, rice & beans for many meals. We also have a fair amount in gift cards to restaurants, so we’ll be able to still treat ourselves.

We usually donate $120 a month to a charity of our choice, but we’ll push this back to a later date. As long as we give a good percentage to charity in the end, I’m happy.

I didn’t budget for Father’s Day, because we have two small gifts for each of our dads already, plus we have a giftcard that we might use to buy them each a book.

The other big event in June is Mr. D2S’s birthday. Like I mentioned, the gun and accessories are considered his birthday gift, so I don’t need to budget for anything.