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November 2009 budget

November 1, 2009

As always, I’m a little bit late in finishing up last month’s budget (have a few more receipts to track down), but really wanted to post November before the 1st is over.


Our main financial goal this month is to save/invest $5000.

This will be easy as pie as long as we don’t go over budget.

And actually…just realized I didn’t put our car payment on there. Oops! It’ll be $200.

I was very generous with our bill and trip categories, so maybe we’ll still be around $3600 in total spending. We’ll see!


September 2009 Budget

September 1, 2009


In an effort to streamline the budget, I consolidated some categories. I added our cell phone bill to all the household bills. The $30 a month that goes to our adopted Venezuelan kid is now with Other Charity. Dry cleaning is included in Work Related (since we only dry clean Mr D2S’s work clothes). And in case anyone cares for distinction, Household includes boring stuff like laundry soap, while House encompasses mostly decor items.

Special Categories for September:

Trip: We’re going out-of-state for four days to attend a family wedding. Lodging is covered (thanks, in-laws!), but we’ll need to pay for a rental car, food, and fun.

Gifts: We need to purchase three gifts for weddings (the one mentioned above, plus two this summer that we were unable to attend), we have a new nephew that surely needs something cute, and a couple family birthdays are just around the corner.

July 2009 Budget

July 2, 2009

budget july09 start

I have a feeling we’re gonna bust. This is because we’ve already spent over $1600. Yikes!

I’ll try to stay positive though, and get into a frugal mindset. It’s just tough when you’re in the middle of moving, realizing you “need” lots of stuff, and eating out is just so convenient.

And…as I look over the budget, I realize we didn’t account for two wedding presents that need to be purchased. Hmmm.

June 2009 Budget

May 31, 2009


I tried to make everything as low as possible. The less we spend, the more we’ll have when it’s time to close on our house.

The one category that is definitely higher than I’d like is “car”. While we shouldn’t drive as much as May, and while hopefully gas prices will go down, Mr. D2S has to renew the registration on his car (something like $80).

Our food (groceries & eating out) budget is really low, especially compared to how much we just spent. We have a decent amount of food currently in the house, and I’m more than willing to eat beans & rice, rice & beans for many meals. We also have a fair amount in gift cards to restaurants, so we’ll be able to still treat ourselves.

We usually donate $120 a month to a charity of our choice, but we’ll push this back to a later date. As long as we give a good percentage to charity in the end, I’m happy.

I didn’t budget for Father’s Day, because we have two small gifts for each of our dads already, plus we have a giftcard that we might use to buy them each a book.

The other big event in June is Mr. D2S’s birthday. Like I mentioned, the gun and accessories are considered his birthday gift, so I don’t need to budget for anything.