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Promotion = Raise

September 26, 2009

Well, I mentioned that I was offered a promotion at work. Today, I was finally told the salary that went into effect two weeks ago:


Wow. It’s not even the most in my profession (I’m sure a few fellow classmates are making more), but I’m still wowed. It’s $12,000 more per year than what I’ve been making. $1000 more a month. (Around $600 after taxes, I guess….)

I will also get a bonus based on performance. It could range anywhere from $4,520 to $11,300; but it sounds like it’s always near the lower end.

Now that we’re more or less settled in our home, it’s time to start socking it away! I’m so tired of spending all of our income, but I also value what we’ve been purchasing/spending it on.

However, there is one more VERY large purchase I see in our future…



August 11, 2009

I just got a promotion at work.

I am super stoked.

So Proud!

July 3, 2009

Mr D2S packed his dinner and took it to work tonight. We haven’t even discussed that idea in a long time. He has been eating out every night he works (four times a week), and we’ve both justified it.

But I just got off the phone with him and he said he ate a sandwich that he brought from home. AND he’s thinking he should pack a meal two to three times a week. He sure knows how to make me happy, ha!

Like I said, I had justified his eating out while at work in my head, but I”ve actually been struggling with it some. While I don’t have the desire to spend a similar amount of money for myself to eat out (or to buy other things for me), I just hated that the money was being spent. I also struggle a bit with other purchases that are required by his job. Stuff really adds up. Just two day ago he really needed some batteries for work. We’d talked about buying rechargeable ones, but they never got ordered. So an hour before he has to be at work, we drop $43.99 at RadioShack for batteries. Insane! Even worse is that Walmart sells them for half that, but the two we called were out of stock. In the end, we should be basically reimbursed for all of these work-expenses, but I always have a hard time shelling out the cash.

Job security scare

June 19, 2009

Oh, me. I’m a dork.

All this economy talk always had me thinking…”I sure am glad that healthcare and government jobs are secure.”

But now it appears that some of the city’s council members wish to decrease the budget for the department where Mr D2S works. If this happens, he would most likely lose his job. (Newest hired = quickest fired.) The budget proposal did NOT pass, but this issue could easily arise again. I don’t know why exactly, but I would still be very surprised if he lost his job. It’s just a little unimaginable, I guess.

I’m very glad that I am now working, making my lovely salary. And I’m doubly glad that we’re purchasing a house that we could afford with only one of us working.

Maybe it’s wise that we’re postponing trying to achieve a pregnancy…