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August 11, 2009

I just got a promotion at work.

I am super stoked.


Job security scare

June 19, 2009

Oh, me. I’m a dork.

All this economy talk always had me thinking…”I sure am glad that healthcare and government jobs are secure.”

But now it appears that some of the city’s council members wish to decrease the budget for the department where Mr D2S works. If this happens, he would most likely lose his job. (Newest hired = quickest fired.) The budget proposal did NOT pass, but this issue could easily arise again. I don’t know why exactly, but I would still be very surprised if he lost his job. It’s just a little unimaginable, I guess.

I’m very glad that I am now working, making my lovely salary. And I’m doubly glad that we’re purchasing a house that we could afford with only one of us working.

Maybe it’s wise that we’re postponing trying to achieve a pregnancy…

First Week of Having a Salary

June 13, 2009

My first paycheck, which consisted of one week’s salary, was direct-deposited into our checking account. Thankfully, my withholdings were corrected, and only 20% was taken out.

I netted $1570.76.

It’s still a little amazing to me how much I make. For the past several years, when I was in school, I knew how much I would be earning post-graduation, but it’s just so different to actually see that money.

We’re still set to close on our home in a few short weeks, so all of our money is going to that. Soon, though, we’ll have to start deciding what to do with all of our new income.

First Post-Graduation Paycheck

June 6, 2009

Today my paycheck was direct-deposited into our main checking account.

Gross Pay: $2557.05

Net Pay: $1786.02

After a quick calculation, I realized that 30% of my pay was withheld!!

I specifically filled out a new W-4 to reflect that I’m married now and wanted 1 exemption, but it wasn’t updated in the system. I’m really irritated because I was doing this to get more cash now for our house. Fortunately it will be fixed before my next paycheck.

I find it very hard to guess how much to withhold. We’ll probably tweak with our W-4’s again. I want money now, but don’t want too large of a tax bill next April…

Raise on the way

May 30, 2009

Because I’m not working today and I clearly do not feel like cleaning…

I’m posting like mad.

This morning a very important letter arrived in the mail. It notified me that I passed my licensing exam and am officially a professional woman! My hourly rate will double in one week and I will be salaried at $101, 000/yr.

May Income

May 30, 2009

Since the beginning of 2009, our take-home pay has looked like this:

January: 3026.47

February: 3304.37

March: 3048.05

April: 3411.36

May: 2973.47 (I only got paid for two shifts)
(Other income: $680 in graduation money)

Double Income

April 26, 2009

Since the beginning of 2009, our take-home pay has looked like this:

January: 3026.47

February: 3304.37

March: 3048.05

April: 3411.36

Mr. D2S works full-time, and I currently work a few hours here and there, because I’m in school full-time.

In a couple months, when I’m working full-time, our income will triple. Our plan is to not change our spending habits too much, and just sock away cash. Hopefully, we’ll stick to it!