Buying Secondhand

I am definitely one who loves to buy things, usually new things.

But I’m also one who loves a deal.

Mr D2S and I have been looking at china cabinets on and off for the past year. Because it’s less of a necessity than say, a bed or a table, we were waiting to find one we both loved that wasn’t too expensive. Turns out we’ll settle for one I really like that was pretty dang cheap!

A lot of the ones we liked at furniture stores ran at least $1500. I found one on Craigslist and we got it for $125. Sure, it’s not perfect. There’s a small ding or two, if you look. It had six glass shelves, but one was missing and one had a chip. But it looks good with our dining room furniture and it now holds a lot of beautiful stuff, including our wedding china.

Do you ever buy used?

Some people only buy used. There’s a great blog called The Non-Consumer Advocate. The author, Katy, is a member of “The Compact”.

Buying used makes sense (it’s easy to see why it’s normally more economical and environmentally-friendly), but it definitely wouldn’t be easy to do exclusively with the way I currently live. I go to Target weekly. I go to thrift stores never. There’s a Wal-Mart in every part of town. I can’t even tell you where a Goodwill is located.

I imagine if I at least considered buying secondhand more often, we could find some deals. In fact, today as we bought clothes for DD, I wished it wasn’t too complicated for me to take a newborn to garage sales. Although, there’s always the Craigslist app on my iPhone…


One Response to “Buying Secondhand”

  1. run0fthemills Says:

    Yes, I do buy used! Or I did. Really need to encourage E-town to get the craigslist thing moving and grooving! :o)

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