Eating Out While Working

Back in the day, before Mr D2S was laid off, and when I tracked our spending pretty religiously, we had a category for “Work – Eating Out”. While my little spreadsheet never specified that it was Mr D2S who spent that money, it mostly was.

I didn’t mind him eating out when he was at work because I felt he deserved the break. He works really hard, and it’s nice to go sit down and relax with coworkers for a bit. Also, the meals are generally inexpensive because most places give them great discounts.

I hardly ate out during work for the longest time. In fact, for almost a full year, I ate a peanut butter sandwich (yep, no jelly) probably 90% of the time for lunch. I didn’t mind doing that because, hey, I love peanut butter sandwiches. (Well, I did. I’m on a hiatus now, as you’ll read.) And I really didn’t want to spend the money.

But after a year of peanut butter, after we bought our house and put down our huge downpayment, after I got a promotion and made more money than I probably deserve, I started buying my lunch. I do not want to imagine how much I spent on that. It really was foolish. And unhealthy. I think I tried to tell myself it was okay because a lot of that time I was pregnant, and it seemed so okay to give into cravings.

Anyways, back to present. I’m not working now, so of course I’m eating at home. And Mr D2S has only been back to work for two weeks. And for those two weeks, he’s packed his dinner or came home to eat all but once. (Actually I think he did pack, but it was a coworker’s birthday, so they went out.) I didn’t ask him to start being frugal, he just wanted to. 🙂 I sure do love him.

I’m glad I get to be here to help him pack his dinner (which is usually leftovers). I don’t want him stuck with peanut butter for a year and then have him go on a binge like I did!


One Response to “Eating Out While Working”

  1. run0fthemills Says:

    Jon is taking his lunch every day too! Although, he’s not really being frugal because he could eat hospital food for FREE and groceries do cost something. I’ll let it slide though because he’s eating healthy and being a good example for me in that area.
    And P.S. You’re just like Mom making sure Dad has leftovers for his middle of the night lunch. 🙂

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