What acronym are we now??

We currently have two incomes. Mr D2S did get rehired by the city and is back to work! Wooohooo! And I am currently getting 100% of my pay for these first six weeks of maternity leave.

Which means, yes, we now have a kid. 🙂 She is the most amazing thing person. DD will be four weeks old tomorrow, and I have to admit that I’ve spent a huge chunk of that time just gazing at her.

So, dual-incomes, one kid. DIOK? DI1k?

Whatever we are, it’s a temporary thing. After my six weeks of paid maternity leave, I’m taking ten additional weeks of unpaid bonding time. During those ten weeks, we’ll be looking at how we can live on just Mr D2S’s salary. It will definitely be a lifestyle change for all of us, but with me at home, I know it’s doable.

Also during those ten weeks we will have to decide if I’m going back to work. And if I am, when? And how much will I work?

Another thing we’ll have to start discerning is regarding planning our family. We definitely want more kiddos, but we will have to figure out when it’s appropriate to try to conceive. Or more accurately, when it’s appropriate to stop trying to avoid. (We use Natural Family Planning, which means we try to keep God’s will in mind, and we keep artificial contraceptives out of the picture.)

I’m completely loving our life right now, and while it’s a little scary to think about the unknowns, I’m also excited about the future!


3 Responses to “What acronym are we now??”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Your blog came across on my Google Alert for “natural family planning” this morning! Looking forward to following your adventure with NFP! 🙂

  2. dink2sink Says:

    Excellent! I didn’t even know about the Google Alerts!

  3. Stephanie Says:

    Yeah, I just started following them! 🙂 It’s pretty interesting the things that come up!

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