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cloth vs disposable

July 5, 2010

Before I was even pregnant, I had briefly thought about cloth diapering. It has never seemed all that disgusting or tasking to me, but I honestly don’t know that much about it. I don’t know anyone close to me that cloth diapers and what little I know I’ve found from the web.

Lots of sources say cloth diapering is more frugal, and that aspect does appeal to me.

Other reasons that appeal to me: not having huge stockpiles of disposables, cloth are so cute!, and less trash.

I’m going to do more research, but I bet I buy at least a few to try out.


Monthly Obligations

July 1, 2010

After such a long hiatus from tracking our spending, it’s been harder than I thought to get it all organized. It will still take me a little bit longer to track down a few purchases (like pending transactions and anything and everything bought at Target since we use a Target card), and I also want to break down our purchases to see what went where.

But now that June is over, I do have a breakdown of what will be pretty stable each month.

Bills (1166.95)
-Natural Gas
-Cell phones
-Cable, Internet, Home Phone
-Security System

Loans (392.27)
-Two student loans (both mine)
-Car loan

That’s around $1600 that is set. Yikes!

We’re guessing when Mr D2S returns to work in August, he’ll bring home around $3000 a month.

So, only $1400 to wiggle with.

I’d like to set aside $500 a month.

Can $900 cover groceries, gasoline, charitable giving and everything else? It can, but it will definitely require a change in our spending habits!