Time to regroup…

Apparently naming my last monthly budget as “We are now serious December 2009” was the biggest joke ever. I didn’t track our spending past December 2nd.

Six months later and I’m determined to get back to watching where our money goes.

So how have things changed in the last few months?

Well, we’re no longer a “double-income” family. Mr D2S was laid off February 1st. Thanks a lot, economy. We have a lot of hope that when the city’s new fiscal year starts (one month from today!), he will be rehired.

Also, we’re well on our way to no longer being a “no kids” family. I am 33 weeks pregnant. 🙂

Financially, I still feel like we’re very secure. We have relatively little debt (mortgage, small car payment, and student loans) and absolutely zero credit card debt. While our future regarding jobs (who’s working and where) is uncertain at the moment, the worst case scenario would be that I go back part-time after the baby is born and we live off $50,000 a year. And that isn’t all that terrible, minus that I want to stay home of course! And minus the fact that Mr D2S is so sick of being unemployed. 😦 Poor guy.

I’m very anxious to see how much we spend this month. And of course, more importantly how much we can set aside. Having a little extra stashed before the baby arrives will be reassuring.


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