Promotion = Raise

Well, I mentioned that I was offered a promotion at work. Today, I was finally told the salary that went into effect two weeks ago:


Wow. It’s not even the most in my profession (I’m sure a few fellow classmates are making more), but I’m still wowed. It’s $12,000 more per year than what I’ve been making. $1000 more a month. (Around $600 after taxes, I guess….)

I will also get a bonus based on performance. It could range anywhere from $4,520 to $11,300; but it sounds like it’s always near the lower end.

Now that we’re more or less settled in our home, it’s time to start socking it away! I’m so tired of spending all of our income, but I also value what we’ve been purchasing/spending it on.

However, there is one more VERY large purchase I see in our future…



One Response to “Promotion = Raise”

  1. Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog Says:

    I like to pretend like I’ll make the exact same salary the rest of my life so that every $.01 raise is exciting.
    Sounds like you’re going to be saving a big chunk. Good for you!

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