How Much is a Night in a Hotel Worth?

While we were on a trip earlier this month, we had the option of either staying with relatives (for free), or paying for a hotel close to the airport (not for free).

Sounds like a no-brainer, and normally I’d be all over the free option, and not even discuss alternatives.

In the end, though, Mr D2S made a few valid points:

  • we’d save at LEAST an hour and fifteen minutes in drive time the morning of our flight (meaning that much more sleep!)
  • we wouldn’t have to worry about traffic or stress about being late
  • we’ve shared a hotel room only a couple times and it would be FUN!
  • free breakfast (okay, that was my point, but it’s a good one, right?)

After making some calls, we found out that the hotels on the airport property were charging $130. We booked a room at an off-site hotel for $90. Turns out it was just as close as the more expensive options, and we were very impressed with the room. I wish we could’ve spent more than 8 hours there!


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