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Promotion = Raise

September 26, 2009

Well, I mentioned that I was offered a promotion at work. Today, I was finally told the salary that went into effect two weeks ago:


Wow. It’s not even the most in my profession (I’m sure a few fellow classmates are making more), but I’m still wowed. It’s $12,000 more per year than what I’ve been making. $1000 more a month. (Around $600 after taxes, I guess….)

I will also get a bonus based on performance. It could range anywhere from $4,520 to $11,300; but it sounds like it’s always near the lower end.

Now that we’re more or less settled in our home, it’s time to start socking it away! I’m so tired of spending all of our income, but I also value what we’ve been purchasing/spending it on.

However, there is one more VERY large purchase I see in our future…


How Much is a Night in a Hotel Worth?

September 26, 2009

While we were on a trip earlier this month, we had the option of either staying with relatives (for free), or paying for a hotel close to the airport (not for free).

Sounds like a no-brainer, and normally I’d be all over the free option, and not even discuss alternatives.

In the end, though, Mr D2S made a few valid points:

  • we’d save at LEAST an hour and fifteen minutes in drive time the morning of our flight (meaning that much more sleep!)
  • we wouldn’t have to worry about traffic or stress about being late
  • we’ve shared a hotel room only a couple times and it would be FUN!
  • free breakfast (okay, that was my point, but it’s a good one, right?)

After making some calls, we found out that the hotels on the airport property were charging $130. We booked a room at an off-site hotel for $90. Turns out it was just as close as the more expensive options, and we were very impressed with the room. I wish we could’ve spent more than 8 hours there!

How the Best Buy Guy Suckered Us

September 26, 2009

We were very excited that our new house has a dishwasher.

We were NOT excited when it stopped working a week and a half after we moved in.

After getting a clog fixed in our kitchen sink fixed, we hoped the dishwasher problem would clear up, too. No such luck. Basically, after a cycle was complete, we’d open the door to see that the soap had just ran out of the dispenser and made a mess on the dishes. We tried both liquid and powder detergent, and also tried using different cycle choices. We even paid an appliance guy $45 to NOT fix it. URGGHGHGH. Apparently it had timer issues, and it was not cost-efficient to have that repaired.

So, one afternoon, when we were both off work, we went to Best Buy, to just look at dishwashers. We had one in mind (thanks Consumer Reports!), but weren’t necessarily wanting to purchase right away.

They had the one we wanted, and after noting the price (on sale, but not by a ton), I stupidly suggested we look at TVs before leaving.

Normally, it’s Mr D2S who wants to browse, and I think I was just trying to be nice. Also, I’ve been wanting a TV in the bedroom for awhile. Since I often go to bed before Mr D2S even gets home from work, it’d be nice to be able to watch a DVD or something.

Anyways, after they see us looking at appliances and electronics, boy, did they sweep in. And one guy won.

And so did we?

In the end, we got our broken dishwasher hauled away for free (normally $20), an extra $16.75 off the dishwasher that was already marked down, an extra $33.99 off the 42″ plasma television that was also already on sale, and free delivery (would’veĀ  been $70). Not too bad, right?

We walked away wondering if we were crazy, but then we decided that we would’ve bought a TV sometime before Christmas, and might as well group it with our dishwasher that would be nice to have sooner than later.

Also, now that they’re both at our house, I am definitely okay with our decision. I never want to be without a dishwasher again, and I love our new TV situation!

A September NOT to Remember

September 25, 2009

I only mean that spending-wise. And blogging-wise.

We’ve been overspending because:

1) We’re suckers.

2) We’re lazy.

3) We make a lot of money and it’s hard not to spend.

I haven’t been blogging because:

1) We went on a mini-vacation.

2) Our wireless is down, so I can’t sit on the couch with the laptop.

3) I’ve been working so much, that I only have the strength at the end of the day to read my Facebook feed.

Both of these trends have got to stop.

Be on the lookout for posts on:

1) How the Best Buy Guy Suckered Us

2) How Much is a Night in a Hotel Worth?

3) The $8000 day

Mortgage Mortgage

September 5, 2009


Our mortgage payment is set to automatically withdraw from our checking account. The system works so well, that it was withdrawn twice this month!!

Good thing we’re not ones to have our funds get very low.

September 2009 Budget

September 1, 2009


In an effort to streamline the budget, I consolidated some categories. I added our cell phone bill to all the household bills. The $30 a month that goes to our adopted Venezuelan kid is now with Other Charity. Dry cleaning is included in Work Related (since we only dry clean Mr D2S’s work clothes). And in case anyone cares for distinction, Household includes boring stuff like laundry soap, while House encompasses mostly decor items.

Special Categories for September:

Trip: We’re going out-of-state for four days to attend a family wedding. Lodging is covered (thanks, in-laws!), but we’ll need to pay for a rental car, food, and fun.

Gifts: We need to purchase three gifts for weddings (the one mentioned above, plus two this summer that we were unable to attend), we have a new nephew that surely needs something cute, and a couple family birthdays are just around the corner.