$500? Ha!

Never having actually paid bills in my life (neither has my husband), it was interesting to guess at what we would spend our first month as homeowners. I budgeted $500.

Paid $187.00 deposit at the end of June (day of our closing)
Paid $129.28 + 2.95 (for paying by phone) for 16 days of use!
Next payment will be $167.81 for 29 days of use.

Cox (internet, cable, landline):
Free installation
Paid $47.66 last month for them to move a cable outlet to an interior wall (totally worth it)
Bundle package for one month is $141.54
next bill due is $142.88

Natural Gas:
monthly bill of $54.32 plus
$170 deposit
next amount due is $31.96

Utilities (water, sewer, trash):
Deposit of $110
plus $20 for fee start/transfer of service
plus other charges = $181.19

ADT Security:
Paid $339 last month for installation
Just paid $86.97 for three months of monitoring (7/14 to 10/13)

All of the bolded amounts were paid in August and totaled $766.25.*

If we subtracted the deposits we paid in August, it would be $466.25. Under fudget. 🙂

I’d like it if we kept our  bills to under five hundred, because bills plus mortgage (which does include property taxes and homeowner’s insurance), we’d be right around $1200. Which is roughly three times what it cost us to live in our old garage apartment. And this place is three times as big. And that math makes me happy about our move. 🙂

*(I know the spreadsheet says $769.20, but I made a little typo on the utilities that wasn’t corrected until after uploading the Google docs picture into that post…it’s not off by much (and in our favor!), so I’m leaving it.)


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2 Responses to “$500? Ha!”

  1. JustWriteACheck Says:

    Why did you have to give deposits for each of your utilities? It’s been a few years, but I don’t recall having to put down a deposit on any of ours (both in the house, and previously in an apartment). I know some are a “prepay” (where you pay the month’s bill in advance), so the first month was always a bit more.

    Are you on a budget plan for electrical & gas, where they estimate your use and divide it equally throughout the year (to eliminate the high electric bills during the summer months, and high gas bills during the colder winter months)? We’re not, and last year (here in the midwest) the electric bill on our 1400 sft ranch ranged from $50-175, and our gas bill ranged from $25-$275 depending on time of year. If you’re not on a budget plan, are you hoping to keep the monthly utilities under $500 year-round?

    • dink2sink Says:

      I have no idea about the deposits, like I said we’ve never paid utilities before. It seems like a rip off to me!

      I don’t think we’re on the budget plans, but I’d have to look closer to be sure. Ideally, always under $500 would be great, guess we’ll just have to see. If they creep up too much, we could definitely be more conscientious, especially with the thermostat. I actually did adjust it tonight instead of curling up under a blanket. 🙂

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