Eating Out Reflection

We’ve spent waaaay too much money on eating out this month. I say that because we’re overbudget. Did I underbudget and not plan well? Or do we just eat out too often? I’m going to delve into this…

$21.70  – Chili’s To Go for Two.  It had been a busy evening, we had little to no food in the house, and we enjoyed a great meal while sitting on our new patio furniture. One thumb up.

$24.04 – Lunch for Two at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Mr D2S got suckered into lunch with old college friends, one that was only in town temporarily. I tagged along because it was my day off. Two thumbs down.

$63.02 – Brick Oven Pizza for Four at Local Pizzeria.  Muy delicioso. Treated out-of-town friends. Four thumbs up.

$35- Lunch for Two at Local Diner.  Mr D2S treated one out-of-town friend again. Because I didn’t get to partake in the yumminess and because of the crazy price: One thumb down.

$60.20 – Dinner for Four at Local Romantic Restaurant.  Once again, we treated two friends who don’t live here. They did cover the tip and bought gelato for us later. Also, we used a $10 gift certificate, and I deducted $20 from the bill, because the friend had given us money for feeding him the two previous nights at our home. We’d tried to refuse the money, but he left it on the fridge. Two thumbs up.

$5.50 – Lunch for Two at Arby’s.  Thanks to coupons, we feasted well for fairly little. One thumb up.

$18.86 – Dinner for Four at TGIFridays. I’d written about this earlier. A bit of a bummer, because we’d planned on free food and entertainment, but it did feel nice to treat two friends to a good meal for not much money. Two thumbs up.

$32.33 – Lunch for Two at Red Robin. We justified this one because I’d just gotten my promotion and Mr D2S had just gotten his new assignment. What it is it that celebration = food?? Two thumbs down.

$40 – Dinner for 7 1/2 at Famous Landmark.  The bill was more than this, we just tossed in $40 into the pot. It did cover more than our share, but it was also our idea to go to this place. One thumb up.

$11.10 – Dinner for Two from Subway. What a bust. The whole reason we got Subway was to quickly eat so we could make it to the movies on time. Turns out, the lady at the cell phone place was so slow, that we still missed the show. Two thumbs down.

Well, the thumbs up definitely triumphed (+ four thumbs up). I know we’ve treated people a lot, but it feels nice to do that. And eating out with friends and family is what makes it fun.

I think one thing I can take away from this, is that if I think about the purchase beforehand, I can determine whether or not it’s “worth” it to me at the end of the month. Convenience and laziness are not reasons to drop thirty bucks on a meal. But sharing an experience with seldom-seen loved ones is.


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One Response to “Eating Out Reflection”

  1. kasey at Thirfty Little Blog Says:

    I love that you treat your friends to meals. One of the worst things that happens to people who watch their spending is that they forget about what’s really important.
    Maybe next month you can make it a goal to only going out to eat when you’re doing it to enjoy the company of others?

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