August is Half Over…

It’s mid-August, and I’m not starting another year of school. It’s so weird after 19 years to not have the whole back-to-school thing going on…

Anyways, here’s how we’re doing, money-wise:

  • We have barely touched our car money ($34.21/$400), but both of our cars are now pretty low on gas. We’re probably driving to visit our parents this weekend (it’s so handy that both sets live near each other!), and I am working out of town twice next week, so we’ll definitely do some filling up. Also, one of my tires has a slow leak that should probably be fixed at some point…
  • Only have about $80 left for groceries. This will be tough, seeing as how we have very little in the house.
  • Have almost used 2/3 of our work eating out money. I keep underbudgetting, thinking I’ll stop using so much of it. I really do pack my lunch most days, but when I work 12 hour shifts, it’s hard not to buy something to eat at some point, and I count it as this category. Also so far this month, I have met Mr D2S for dinner one night.
  • We’ve gone overbudget with our Eating Out/Entertainment category. That could be a post in it’s own…
  • We’ve busted on our charitable giving , but this one makes me happy!
  • I’ve used my share of Fun Money, plus the husband’s too. I rarely buy stuff for myself, but I did get some deals on clothes, and bought a couple birthday presents. I’m also very tempted to buy some new clothes (or shoes, or both) for this interview I have next week. I already have the promotion, basically, but this interview is a formality. And one I’m nervous about. So maybe new shoes would help. 🙂


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