July 2009 Review


Well, I finally finished up July’s budget. As I already mentioned, we went way overboard with our House category. Our place does look good, though. 🙂

Two unplanned expense: our dog went to the vet ($205.52) and we bought plane tickets to go to a family wedding this fall ($517.80). We knew these things would happen eventually, but because we drained our savings for our down payment and closing, we didn’t have it set aside.

I made our car budget really high, thinking we’d put the leftover in our Car Fund, but because our checking is (relatively) low, I didn’t transfer anything.

Groceries….man, insane. We didn’t have much to start out with (thanks to our low budget last month and the fact that we moved), but I still think we overspent for what we got.

I blame myself on the Work Eating Out. I had to drive quite a bit for my job and the lure of Taco Bell and McDonald’s couldn’t be resisted. I still packed my lunch, but I did eat dinner on the road.

Eating Out/Entertainment: This one we overdid it, but I’m okay with that. We went to three movies (more than we went to all of last year probably), and took my sister and her husband out for their birthdays. We also just clearly ate out a lot. It was usually with friends/family and we had fun.

The Medical is because I carried it over from last month. I need to start keeping a stash for our next unexpected Medical thing because our deductible is now $500 (meaning we’d pay $250 more).

I could’ve fudged the numbers more (like how I started the month early and carried stuff from June over), but it’s all the same in the end, right? I was just a little curious how much we actually spent, so it’s all there. We spent more than we made, but our funds never got scary low, thanks to our credit card and the fact that Mr D2S gets paid right before the end of the month (but I actually count it as the next month’s pay).

Oh, another thing to note: we’re pathetic about giving to other charities. Maybe we should just up our weekly contributions to the Church. Or at the very least, give a large lump sum later in the year. We’ll see…


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