The Cost of Furnishing a Home

I just added up what we’ve spent on big furniture pieces.


Here’s what we bought:

  1. Queen mattress set plus bed rails
  2. King mattress set
  3. King bed and two nightstands
  4. Dining table
  5. Eight dining chairs
  6. Couch table to be used as buffet table

How naive was I to budget only $2000 for the house our first month? I really thought we’d buy the queen bed for our guest room and live in there for awhile. But we started browsing (intensely really, as we went to multiple places, multiple times) and found all the dining room items that we loved, and a bedroom set that was a fantastic deal. I really wish we could’ve found all of the stuff at one place, but we ended up having to spend three separate delivery fees. Argh.

Other things that we purchased that fell under our House category:

  1. portable phones
  2. floor lamps
  3. entry rug
  4. entry mirror
  5. picture frames and artwork
  6. lawnmower
  7. security system
  8. patio furniture
  9. outdoor rug
  10. solar lights
  11. and some bills, of course

Add all that up, throw in moving costs (less than $100), pizza for the family that helped move us, and random other things, and it’s a grand total of over $6000 that we’ve spent on our house.



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3 Responses to “The Cost of Furnishing a Home”

  1. Just_Write_A_Check Says:

    We bought our house a few years ago, and I remember being shocked at how quickly things added up the first few months. We were lucky enough to have the “big ticket items” of furniture given to us by family, but we still spent thousands to move in (probably near $10k in the first year).

    A riding lawn mower. Weed-whacker. Grill. Bookshelves, desks, regular shelving, garage shelving, extension cords. Yard tools (shovels, rakes, leaf-blower, chain saw). Household tools (pipe wrenches, blow torch, screw-drivers, drills, saws).

    We borrowed some items, like a wheel-barrow, and we received “early Christmas presents” for other essentials (like a snow-blower)… but it’s really amazing how quickly it adds up. Even the little stuff, like cleaning supplies, drawer organizers, garbage cans (indoors & out), shower curtains… it gets really expensive!

  2. dink2sink Says:

    Yes, it’s amazing how it adds up! One trip to Target for pretty essential items (like cleaning supplies, bathroom rugs, mattress pads) and some fun stuff (patio rug, lamps) was over $500. I really hope we picked things that we’ll like for a long time, and that will last even longer!

  3. kasey at Thirfty Little Blog Says:

    You should post pictures of your new things! That will count as stretching the dollar a bit, right? I suppose that I’m lucky in a way that the house I’m buying is so small :).

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