Enjoying Home

I’ve had a busy past few days, including some out-of-town work. When I got back, I really was thankful to be at home with Mr D2S. Just hanging out at home, on the couch, with the tv and the laptop, it’s the best.

We’re loving our new home, but have spent so much money furnishing it. I’d feel even guiltier for spending so much so fast, but the fact that we both are crazy about our bedroom and dining furniture makes me very happy. I really think we’ll use them for years and years and years.

Today we went looking for a little reading chair to put in the guest room. A consignment store I knew of turned out to be closed for good, so we hit up some antique stores. A couple things would’ve worked and did fit our budget (fifty or less), but nothing really seemed to be our style.

Today turned out to be a no-spend day. I made lunch at home and we both ate leftovers for dinner (him at work, me at home). My gas tank is almost on E, but I only have to drive about four miles tomorrow for work, so I’ll just keep riding on fumes.


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