You have to read this post’s title in your best Suze Orman voice. And if you don’t know who that is, why in the world are you reading a personal finance blog??

Mr D2S called up ol’ USAA and applied for their MasterCard credit card.

And we were denied.


We gross >$140,000 and we couldn’t get a credit card? I’m wondering if it’s because our credit has been checked so much lately with buying the house. Mr D2S also just opened up a credit card through a retailer. Hmmm. Who knows. And really, we don’t care. It’s not like we need it. It just would’ve been nice.


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2 Responses to “Denied!!”

  1. kasey at thriftylittleblog Says:

    Wow, that’s pretty surprising to me! I haven’t applied for any cards, but I have heard that this has been happening. I would think it would be for people with a much lower income.
    PS I immediately thought of Suzie Orman when I read that title :).

  2. moneyfunk Says:

    The same just happened to me, too. I think companies are just getting really, really strick with approvals.

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