July 2009 Midpoint


Halfway through the month, and we’ve already busted on stuff.

Groceries are killing us. One trip to Sam’s Club and we were doomed. But we did host dinner for 12 people and we shouldn’t have to spend too much more to get us through the month.

I kept the House spending separate, as you can tell, in the last row. I think we’re closer to budget actually, because I’ve yet to adjust for some stuff. (i.e., the $500 Target trip was put in this category, but a fair chunk was normal household items that need to be itemized out, and we’re returning a weedeater, thanks to the father-in-law donating his!).

I am fudging the numbers again, though. Postponing recording our recent furniture purchases until next month and such…


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One Response to “July 2009 Midpoint”

  1. J. Money Says:

    You’ll get there 🙂 It’s all about tweaking and figuring out how to reach the goals over time. At least you’re DOING something about it!

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