I’ve joked that I married my husband to be eligible for USAA membership. This isn’t true, of course, but it’s a big perk! I had never heard of USAA before we met, and I really wasn’t aware how awesome they are until recently.

My husband and I are both under the age of 25. I’d always heard that you had to be at least 25 years old to rent a car. This was concerning because we are flying across the country to attend a wedding in the fall, and didn’t want to rely on others for transportation after we arrived at the airport. After getting a couple quotes from rental car companies, we realized we would be forced to pay a huge fee each day due to our age. My husband was talking on the phone to one company and asked if there was any way to waive the fee. Turns out having a USAA membership does just that. And boom, we save about $120.

Also, we decided to install a security system in our new home. Because of ADTs partnership with USAA, we are saving a bundle! (I don’t know the exact numbers, but I’ll ask Mr D2S and report back.)

I do have one minor complaint regarding our banking with USAA, but it’s really not their fault….

Last post I mentioned that we only put 20% down on our furniture spending spree. We had planned on putting it all on our credit card. We get rewards points, and they rack up faster on the credit card vs our debit card. Well, surprise, surprise, the furniture store didn’t accept American Express, and that’s what our USAA credit card is.  Unfortunately quite a few places don’t accept it, and that’s our ONLY credit card. It was disappointing (missing out on about 1500 reward points), but no real tragedy, as we have enough in our checking account to cover the purchases. But…then our debit card was declined. A little embarrassing, honestly. The furniture won’t be delivered for a couple weeks because the dining chairs are on back order, so it’ll work out to pay the rest later. Hopefully, we won’t have to do it all in these little installments, though.

So while I could be mad at USAA and their dumb AmEx card, I think we’ll just apply to get their MasterCard credit card instead. Yay for choices!!


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5 Responses to “USAA Love”

  1. Just_Write_A_Check Says:

    Wow, I wish I knew about the USAA/car rental thing a few years ago! We’ve rented vehicles both here in the states and abroad, for various vacations throughout the years, and we’ve definitely paid our share of “young driver fees”!

    Our debit card has a daily limit on how much we can spend (rather annoying, if you ask me – one trip to Costco can easily exceed that!), so I’ve found it helps to carry a blank check in my wallet. An entire checkbook can be rather bulky & odd-shaped, but a single check folds up and works well and has come in handy on several occassions.

    • dink2sink Says:

      I did have our checkbook on me (I always do because I think my checkbook holder is so darn cute), but I felt awkward after our debit card rejected (even though I was on the phone listening to our balance, and knew we were covered)! I guess I should really just figure out that daily limit for us, so that we can avoid this in the future…

  2. Houligan Ropechoker Says:

    Have been with USAA since 1969. The American Express card is fairly new to USAA. Get one Mastercard and one Visa. American Express rejected/declined my first application when we were your age when it carried an annual membership fee. I took them off my list then and they have remained so all these years. USAA has met all my needs from homes, cars, IRA’s, insurance, jewlery,etc.


  3. J. Money Says:

    Oh hell yeah, no complaints at all with them! Did you know they were on twitter? (@usaa_news) Are YOU on twitter? haha…

    They also launched this site I’ll hopefully be contributing to: I swear I should just work there.

  4. Stillmd Says:

    Regarding your car rental, check out for great discounts on rental rates with Hertz, Budget and Avis, as well as free insurance coverage and the under 25 fee waiver. You can save an additional 25% or so off market rates. Just another benefit of membership. USAA rocks!

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