Not-so-free Furniture

It’s amazing how I can go from being excited about NOT spending money (see last post regarding museum and dinner), to how excited I am about spending a LOT of money.

We just chunked down right over 3 grand on furniture. Well, we actually only paid 20% today, but that’s a tale for the next post.

Since we’ve moved into our new home (about three weeks ago), we’ve purchased quite a few items. The first was a queen size mattress set. We had spent our first nine months of marriage as renters sleeping on a very used full-size mattres, and by golly, it was time to move up. We bought a fairly economical queen, and have been enjoying it in our guest room. But our eventual plan was to get a king for us in the master bedroom. (I used to think king-size was overkill, but as an above-average height woman, with a husband and a dog that’s afraid of storms, king it is!)

We went browsing at a furniture store the other night and found a king-size canopy bed we both agreed on, and a couple dining room tables that were contenders. We’re going back for the bed sometime soon (and have a $100 giftcard to put towards it!).

Move on to today, and we’re at another furniture store. We’d bought a very reasonable bedroom set at this place right before we got married. I’d told Mr D2S that I refused to move in until there was at least a dresser for me to put my stuff in! đŸ™‚ Anyways, the same lovely saleswoman that sold us that set, showed us around today. Well, she didn’t really show us around, and that’s what makes her lovelier. Furniture salespeople can get pretty annoying.

After browsing, we found a table that we both LOVE, and it had an affordable matching sofa table that will work perfectly as a sidebar for our dining room. We decide to go ahead and get it, and since we’re going to be paying for delivery, might as well check out the mattresses. (We were content with crashing in the guestroom for awhile longer.) They were having a really good sale (thanks to liquidations and the bad economy!) A very comfy, lush king was priced at $939, but a joking “will it drop any more in price?” led to us buying it for $800. It’s much higher quality than I expected us to buy, but I think it’s money well spent.



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