July 2009 Budget

budget july09 start

I have a feeling we’re gonna bust. This is because we’ve already spent over $1600. Yikes!

I’ll try to stay positive though, and get into a frugal mindset. It’s just tough when you’re in the middle of moving, realizing you “need” lots of stuff, and eating out is just so convenient.

And…as I look over the budget, I realize we didn’t account for two wedding presents that need to be purchased. Hmmm.



2 Responses to “July 2009 Budget”

  1. Just_Write_A_Check Says:

    I remember when we bought our house, there was SO much extra stuff those first few months. Tons of cleaning supplies, to clean everything top to bottom. Drawer & shelf liners, for the kitchen and closets. A grill and a propane tank, to cook outside. A lawnmower. A weed-whacker. Shovels. Pruning tools. Chainsaw to cut apart some large branches after a storm. Light bulbs. Pesticide to keep down ticks & fleas, so that the dog doesn’t carry them into the house. And the list goes on… I know that we could have cut back some, and bought cheaper versions of many items, but we ended up spending several thousand dollars those first few months. Congrats, and good luck.

  2. J. Money Says:

    I love seeing how people have their budgets set up! Some are nice and simple (like yours) and then others are crazy convoluted, but they all work for *that* person. very interesting to me…

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