Credit Card Limit Increased

Mr D2S has had his credit card for about five years. His limit has always been $2500, which is sufficient. However, since we will soon be buying furniture and other stuff for the house, he thought we should try to up the limit. One quick phone call this morning and it’s now $5000. They told him we could get it higher if they did some credit checks, blah blah, something, but we’re fine with $5000. That’s more than enough.

We like to use our credit card on occasion, especially on larger purchases because of the rewards program. It’s nothing crazygood, we usually just redeem our points for gift cards to restaurants. Restaurant gift cards are my favorite, because I hate to blow money on eating out.  3000 points ($3000 on the credit card, or $6000 on the debit) = $25 gift card. See, not really all that exciting. But if we’re spending the money, might as well get some free dinners.



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