Closing in on us…

The closing on our little house is nearing. Barring any unforeseen hiccups, we should be home owners on Monday. Mr D2S made numerous calls to our lender, the closing company, and our realtor today in hopes of making sure everyone is on the same page. It all looks good, except we still haven’t been told an actual time for the closing, nor is there an exact number that we’ll need to bring to the table.

Hopefully our closing will be first thing in the morning, because I have to work a full shift Monday. If I can’t get in there and sign everything bright and early, we’ll have to have a Power of Attorney where Mr D2S can sign for both of us. Or they could potentially bring the papers to me at work??

I think we’ll pay somewhere between $25000 and $26000 at closing. That’s 20% plus closing costs, a few inspection fees, and minus our $1000 earnest check. There was talk of us needing a cashier’s check for closing, but now it appears our lender will be able to wire the money from our checking account to the closing company. I’m very glad for that.



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