Dollar Menu Splurge

Our grocery budget is very tight this month ($100), and we’ve already gone over (by $1.22). It’s only June 20th, but in reality we only have 8 more days to feed ourselves because today is over and we’re going to visit family tomorrow.

Today, we had a lazy Saturday morning/afternoon. The fridge has leftovers from a dish that Mr D2S created yesterday. It was a bit odd, but still tasty. Egg noodles, ground beef, condensed tomato soup, green beans, and I’m sure some sort of spice concoction. Because we both had it for lunch yesterday, and I knew I’d eat it for dinner tonight, I really was craving something different.

McDonald’s different. I know it’s disgustingly bad for you, but it’s also disgustingly cheap. I drove to the nearest McD’s (maybe 1.5 miles away), and ordered two McDoubles, two McChickens, and an extra-large fry. It came to $6.17. We enjoyed glasses of Crystal Light that I’d already mixed up at home. Yumm-o.

I felt a little bad for going to buy food, when there wasn’t much of a need. We had food in the house, and I try to reserve fast food for when the convenience is almost a necessity. However, we had the money left in our eating out/entertainment budget, and it sounded good to us both.

So, how are we gonna survive eight more days? We’ve got four pounds of ground beef in the freezer. That equals a lot of Hamburger Helper or skillet dishes. I’ve got two pounds of pinto beans that I could cook. We finally bought another bean masher (I think two have broken on us), so we can eat them refried style. We’ve also got lots of rice, and Mr D2S makes some mean rice. There’s plenty of bread and peanut butter for my lunches, and Mr D2S has money remaining in the “work eating out” category. (It’s not really only his money, but he does use probably 90% of it. Occasionally I’ll get a drink or snack while I’m at work.) We are planning to go out for Mr D2s’s birthday next Sunday night, but we’ll use gift cards to pay.

It’s been neat to see how little we actually need to spend on food, but I’m ready for a month where our food budget is much higher!


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2 Responses to “Dollar Menu Splurge”

  1. David A. Pender, LOBC Angel Food Coordinator Says:

    I’d like to suggest that you see if there is an Angel Food host site in your area. It’s an organization that makes it possible for people to order food through their program at a greatly reduced price. The food is great and there are no income requirements or forms to fill out. The program is open to everyone.

    You can see the main Angel Food website at and search by zip code for host sites in your area.

    God Bless!

  2. dink2sink Says:

    That’s such a sweet suggestion, and I do appreciate the info. However, it does seem to be a charitable organization, and I am in the position to give to charities, not receive them. My husband and I are attempting to keep our food budget really low this month in order to comfortably put 20% down on a house we are purchasing. It’s turning out to have another advantage: the less we buy, the more we eat from our pantry and fridge, and the less we’ll have to move!

    I’ll keep Angel Food in mind in case I ever run across someone who could benefit from them!

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