PB, hold the J

I am a hardcore brown-bagger. Minus the brown bag. I use a very cute oilcloth lunchbag to carry my food to work.

Some days I bring leftovers. (Yummmmy!)

Occasionally I’ll bring a sandwich with deli meat.

At least 50% of the time, good ol’ peanut butter suffices.

Yesterday, I took a PB sandwich, but didn’t have the time to eat it, so I took it again today. Two bites into it and I just couldn’t do eat any more. The bread was from the end of the loaf and the peanut butter wasn’t quite the right consistency.

I could’ve bought something to replace it, but a few chips and some pudding (which I made from a box last night) tided me over. Not only did I not want to spend the money (especially now, as we’re closing on our house soon), but I didn’t want to spend the few minutes of my half-hour lunch break to buy food.



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