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Credit Card Limit Increased

June 27, 2009

Mr D2S has had his credit card for about five years. His limit has always been $2500, which is sufficient. However, since we will soon be buying furniture and other stuff for the house, he thought we should try to up the limit. One quick phone call this morning and it’s now $5000. They told him we could get it higher if they did some credit checks, blah blah, something, but we’re fine with $5000. That’s more than enough.

We like to use our credit card on occasion, especially on larger purchases because of the rewards program. It’s nothing crazygood, we usually just redeem our points for gift cards to restaurants. Restaurant gift cards are my favorite, because I hate to blow money on eating out.  3000 points ($3000 on the credit card, or $6000 on the debit) = $25 gift card. See, not really all that exciting. But if we’re spending the money, might as well get some free dinners.


Late night talk

June 27, 2009

Mr D2S and I just had a long ol’ talk about money. They usually aren’t all that fun.

Mostly because I’m too serious.

And he’s rather not.

The good thing is that we really do have the ultimate goals in common. It’s just our attitudes about how to approach reaching the goals that tend to not coincide.

I hope sometime soon we’ll both have time (a time that’s not four in the morning) to discuss our game plan. It would be especially nice to plan out July’s budget together.

Previous Owner’s Debt

June 27, 2009

In a document with all of our loan applications and everything regarding the mortgage, there’s info from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. It shows how much the seller owes on his mortages:

1st mortgage: $72,991.20
2nd mortgage: $11,285.55

The principal amount on our loan is $90,800.

If we pay just our  monthly payments for 13 years (how long the previous owner lived there), we’ll owe: $67,310.26.

Pay an extra hundred a month? $49,379.56

Pay an extra two hundred? $21,977.68

Playing with amortization tables really make me want to pay our mortgage off much faster than 30 years. Two hundred a month isn’t that much, really. We’d have it paid off in right under 16 years. (Not that I’d guess we’d live there that long…)

Fourth No Spend for the Month!

June 25, 2009

I just realized today was a no spend day!

How did we NOT spend today?

I took my lunch to work: a peanut butter sandwich and a string cheese.

And it’s Mr D2S’s birthday, so his coworkers treated him. Sweeeeet! 🙂

I was very very tempted to stop on my way home and grab a bite. Instead I came home, ate a piece of cake, then scrounged in the cupboards. I ended up making a box of Tuna Helper and it was all mixed up, minus the tuna, when I realized….we don’t have any tuna! I threw in some browned ground beef that was in the fridge. It tasted fine. I also made up some pasta salad to take to work tomorrow for lunch.

Bill is creeping up again…

June 25, 2009

Our current cell phone bill is $81.75. What the heck. I thought we made all the smart moves, reduced our plan, cut out dumb insurance, and basically lowered our bill as much as we could.

Then we (really, Mr D2S) decided we should add a small text messaging plan so we don’t get charged for each individual text. Now our bill is back where it was a few months ago!

Closing in on us…

June 25, 2009

The closing on our little house is nearing. Barring any unforeseen hiccups, we should be home owners on Monday. Mr D2S made numerous calls to our lender, the closing company, and our realtor today in hopes of making sure everyone is on the same page. It all looks good, except we still haven’t been told an actual time for the closing, nor is there an exact number that we’ll need to bring to the table.

Hopefully our closing will be first thing in the morning, because I have to work a full shift Monday. If I can’t get in there and sign everything bright and early, we’ll have to have a Power of Attorney where Mr D2S can sign for both of us. Or they could potentially bring the papers to me at work??

I think we’ll pay somewhere between $25000 and $26000 at closing. That’s 20% plus closing costs, a few inspection fees, and minus our $1000 earnest check. There was talk of us needing a cashier’s check for closing, but now it appears our lender will be able to wire the money from our checking account to the closing company. I’m very glad for that.

$250 towards our deductible

June 24, 2009

One payment to the ER, for $238.34, is pending on the credit card.

Another for $11.66, to radiology, will be paid momentarily online.


Dollar Menu Splurge

June 20, 2009

Our grocery budget is very tight this month ($100), and we’ve already gone over (by $1.22). It’s only June 20th, but in reality we only have 8 more days to feed ourselves because today is over and we’re going to visit family tomorrow.

Today, we had a lazy Saturday morning/afternoon. The fridge has leftovers from a dish that Mr D2S created yesterday. It was a bit odd, but still tasty. Egg noodles, ground beef, condensed tomato soup, green beans, and I’m sure some sort of spice concoction. Because we both had it for lunch yesterday, and I knew I’d eat it for dinner tonight, I really was craving something different.

McDonald’s different. I know it’s disgustingly bad for you, but it’s also disgustingly cheap. I drove to the nearest McD’s (maybe 1.5 miles away), and ordered two McDoubles, two McChickens, and an extra-large fry. It came to $6.17. We enjoyed glasses of Crystal Light that I’d already mixed up at home. Yumm-o.

I felt a little bad for going to buy food, when there wasn’t much of a need. We had food in the house, and I try to reserve fast food for when the convenience is almost a necessity. However, we had the money left in our eating out/entertainment budget, and it sounded good to us both.

So, how are we gonna survive eight more days? We’ve got four pounds of ground beef in the freezer. That equals a lot of Hamburger Helper or skillet dishes. I’ve got two pounds of pinto beans that I could cook. We finally bought another bean masher (I think two have broken on us), so we can eat them refried style. We’ve also got lots of rice, and Mr D2S makes some mean rice. There’s plenty of bread and peanut butter for my lunches, and Mr D2S has money remaining in the “work eating out” category. (It’s not really only his money, but he does use probably 90% of it. Occasionally I’ll get a drink or snack while I’m at work.) We are planning to go out for Mr D2s’s birthday next Sunday night, but we’ll use gift cards to pay.

It’s been neat to see how little we actually need to spend on food, but I’m ready for a month where our food budget is much higher!

Job security scare

June 19, 2009

Oh, me. I’m a dork.

All this economy talk always had me thinking…”I sure am glad that healthcare and government jobs are secure.”

But now it appears that some of the city’s council members wish to decrease the budget for the department where Mr D2S works. If this happens, he would most likely lose his job. (Newest hired = quickest fired.) The budget proposal did NOT pass, but this issue could easily arise again. I don’t know why exactly, but I would still be very surprised if he lost his job. It’s just a little unimaginable, I guess.

I’m very glad that I am now working, making my lovely salary. And I’m doubly glad that we’re purchasing a house that we could afford with only one of us working.

Maybe it’s wise that we’re postponing trying to achieve a pregnancy…

June 2009 Midpoint

June 15, 2009

The month is half over. How are we doing?june2009midpoint

“Household” has already busted, thanks to the need of a new printer cartridge. We’ve been printing quite a bit, getting papers ready for the closing of our house.

“Unplanned” just consists of the cost of a belated Mother’s Day gift for my grandma. We knew what we wanted to buy, but life got too busy last month, and I honestly forgot about it until I ran across the gift in a store the other day.

Our budget is so tight, but I’d be so proud if we had a little left when the month is over.

We’ll see!