June 2009 Budget


I tried to make everything as low as possible. The less we spend, the more we’ll have when it’s time to close on our house.

The one category that is definitely higher than I’d like is “car”. While we shouldn’t drive as much as May, and while hopefully gas prices will go down, Mr. D2S has to renew the registration on his car (something like $80).

Our food (groceries & eating out) budget is really low, especially compared to how much we just spent. We have a decent amount of food currently in the house, and I’m more than willing to eat beans & rice, rice & beans for many meals. We also have a fair amount in gift cards to restaurants, so we’ll be able to still treat ourselves.

We usually donate $120 a month to a charity of our choice, but we’ll push this back to a later date. As long as we give a good percentage to charity in the end, I’m happy.

I didn’t budget for Father’s Day, because we have two small gifts for each of our dads already, plus we have a giftcard that we might use to buy them each a book.

The other big event in June is Mr. D2S’s birthday. Like I mentioned, the gun and accessories are considered his birthday gift, so I don’t need to budget for anything.


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One Response to “June 2009 Budget”

  1. J. Money Says:

    Love seeing the breakdowns from other bloggers around here – just the fact that you’re putting it out there and holding yourself accountable is awesome 🙂 Congrats! Hope you end up saving more and more over time.

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