Funds are low, Hopes are high

We have less than $350 in our main checking account. It has NEVER been that low and I don’t like it. Luckily, paychecks will be arriving soon. Mr. D2S gets paid on the 15th and 30th, while I’m paid every other Friday. I should’ve been paid today, but hours didn’t get submitted in time. That’s okay, because when my first check does arrive it will be extra big!

Mr. D2S and I have been browsing houses (going to open houses, looking online) for quite some time. We had planned on waiting to purchase for a few more months, in order to build up our cash for a down payment. But the other day, we found a house that we like an awful lot. Not sure if we’ll make an offer soon, but I do know that I wouldn’t mind living in it. The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

We’ll see…


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